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More than $100,000 on Paypal alone in 2016.

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Brief peek inside the Big Luca Academy (constantly updated)!

Self Publishing Revolution

The best Kindle Publishing course in the world by number of testimonials and revenue generated by students.
50+ lessons

Affiliate Marketing Revolution

Learn the best strategies available today to bring those commissions in! In this course you'll also learn how to build a faceless business so you can make money without exposing yourself.
60+ lessons.

Video Course Revolution

Step by step process to create your own information product and put it on Clickbank!
20+ lessons.

e-Commerce Revolution

Step by step process to creare your own ecommerce store.
40+ lessons!

Niche Marketing Revolution

Learn Niche Marketing the right way.
40+ lessons!

Facebook Marketing Revolution

Learn Facebook ads step by step. Extremely important. 40+ lessons.

Law Of Attraction Revolution

Learn how to change your life through the Law Of Attraction.
20+ lessons.

List Building Revolution

Learn the step by step process to make a great deal of money with the most important marketing tool you have: email marketing.
40+ lessons.

Video Marketing Revolution

Learn how to generate passive income by producing videos.
30+ lessons.



After thousands of satisfied students, there is little doubt that my strategies and method work. Results speak for themselves.

I therefore DON'T offer a money back guarantee.

As somebody that is looked up as a Strategic Online Marketing guru I have a responsibility to make students and clients understand that video courses and information products are a very serious business and can really help you transform your life.

Desperate money back policies are detrimental for this purpose.

Ideas are like a pizza: once you eat it, it's gone. I cannot remove the valuable information I share with you from your brain.

You get the information, I want my money.

If you're the kind of person that will ask for a refund after stealing (or trying to steal) the content inside the platform, please avoid purchasing as you're getting none.


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