About Me

Luca “Big Luca” De Stefani is one of the world’s top experts on Online Marketing with a particular expertise on strategic marketing and monetization.

He’s the go-to guy to deploy wildly profitable marketing strategies that aim at massively increase profits, without necessarily increasing the number of clients.

Big Luca has gained an international reputation for:

  • High ticket sales
  • Profits maximization
  • Myths bashing
  • Money Mindset
  • Online Marketing warfare




STOP, read this and if you match this description leave this website. I cannot (and don’t want) to help you.

I won’t talk to you if:

  • You have a get rich quick mindset. It’s not that I cannot help you get rich quick, because I most likely can. It’s that I don’t want to do it. In my experience, people looking for a magic button aren’t willing to do what it takes to build a real business.

  • You use false metrics for your business. If you’re concerned about “sales”, “likes”, “shares” and “value” we will have a fall out in the first 2 minutes of any conversation we have (be it on the phone or via email). I focus on strategies that increase PROFITS, namely on making you more money that you can actually use. Nobody cares about how many sales you make in a month: try to buy a car with that number, they’ll laugh in your face in no time.

  • People deeply involved in woo-woo self-help that will likely focus on anything else but money (see point 2). I spent thousands and thousands of dollars to go see the most known self-help gurus on the planet. I am deeply involved in self-development and I genuinely believe 90% of the business game is mindset.

  • But you see… there is a tremendously practical “self-help” and there is a woo-woo, sham, impractical one. If you are the metaphysical guy that talks about pure manifestation, opening your heart to the universe and sending unconditional love by meditating and you genuinely believe that doing this will somehow (that’s always the buzzword) get you more money, please leave this website immediately. I wish you good luck (you need ton of it, believe me).

  • You’re totally broke / you’re not willing to spend money. Building a business takes money and time, let’s stop pretending. I’m not saying that you cannot start from 0: I certainly did it. Also, I helped thousands of students to do the same. 

    What I mean is that I choose to not directly attract these students anymore. If you’re broke but can find some money and you’re willing to spend it then you’d probably benefit from both my products and mentorship, otherwise you won’t.

  •  You don’t have a business, you’re a total newbie: sorry but my information and attitude will most likely completely overwhelm and frustrate you. 


What I focus on:

  • Extracting the maximum amount of money from customers via selling information products and coaching / consulting
  • Having less customers paying much more money
  • The only metric I focus on is how much money the company is PROFITING (again, gross sales is a false metric)!


Let’s make something perfectly clear: I started this game at almost 23 and by the time I was 24 I was NETTING $40,000 a month. I had a customer’s lifetime value of many hundreds of dollars and I was spending 0 on acquiring customers. That money was coming from my information products (memberships, video courses) 

I also started mentoring people on a 1-on-1 bases and I went from charging them $100 an hour to charging them $1,250 an hour… without charging by the hour (lol!).

I know about money, information products and everything concerned with moneziting information.

The above-mentioned results are something that 99% of information marketers never achieve; even after 10 years of work (lots of gross sales… but lots of costs to generate them).

My attitude reflects this: when I say I know something it’s because I know it, bottom line. If I don’t know something, I’ll very candidly admit it.

I’m not for everybody and neither I want to be. Often times people that find me follow this route:

  • They find me and start watching my videos / reading my stuff
  • They freak out as they understand that 90% of what they’re doing / listening to from other people is a bunch of BS.
  • They get scared, run away and talk bad about me.
  • After 1 – 3 – 6 months, after having lost another bunch of money, they came back to me and become part of my raving fans.

You’ll likely follow the same course (but you can make your learning faster by not going away after you’ve watched a couple of my videos).

Another thing I’d like to make clear for you: it doesn’t matter whether you like me or not. If you’re concerned about something like that you’re already on the wrong track.

What I teach can dramatically help your business (if you sell stuff online, especially information), my attitude doesn’t invalidate what I teach.

What I say is truth because it’s been proven hundreds of thousands of times… I can be a hassle and still be right.



There are a few things I want you to do:

  • Subscribe to my Youtube channel and hit the nofication bell. Youtube is where I provide the most content for absolutely free.
  • Join my Big Luca Academy FB Group
  • Join any one of my sales funnel so I can sell you stuff. You see? What’s the need of trying to smooth you into one of the systems I engineered to take money from you? I can as well just tell you.

If you’re a beginner (and you totally shouldn’t be here!), I also advise you to stop listening to any other expert (or alleged expert) online.

Yes, you heard that correctly: STOP listening to anybody else. If you choose to listen to me, you listen to me only.

There is a good reason for this: there is nothing worse than listening to 2, 3 or 4 different people each pulling you to different directions and giving you conflicting information.

In 2 or 3 years time you’ll find out who was right (me), but you’ll waste time and money in the meanwhile.

This is stupid.

Honesty, good luck!

This is your quest… make it a memorable one.



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